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Ustream Channel "Yuyamareiko TV 8:45pm" TODAY 20th Guest Appearance :DAVID HALLBERG (Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theater)!!!!

i would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the  program of my ustream channel,
yuyamareiko TV, scheduled to air  today, wednesday 20th.
we are very excited and honored to have this amazing guest with us this time, david hallberg,
a principal dancer with american ballet theater! you can tell what that status means by his predecessors
mikhail baryshnikov and vladimir malakhov -
he's what robinho from AC milan is for soccer, or darvish from fighters is for pro baseball
(he's got a variety of pitches and is good at all of them, like david is for all the different roles and productions ).
at first you will probably be impressed by his princely looking - tall, blue-eyed blonde, but his artistry goes
well beyond thatstereo-type. as romeo, in romeo and juliet, he's recognized for his dramatic and sensitive
expressiveness, and he also expands his creative universe to more contemporary productions.
---for your reference
interview / romeo&juliet


dance of the blessed spirits


we came to know each other last year by some weird coincidence - he's not at alll a "dance fool" who knows
nothing else, quite opposite rather. he's extremely smart and intellectual, with his sense and will,
he sees and interprets ballet in the social and cultural modernity today. a person of curiosity, he turns everything
he sees and experiences into the fuel for his future creative expressions - izakaya in gotanda, comme des garcons,
araki, or ballet manga from ryoko yamagishi even. exceptional and sadly rare attitude for ballet dancers.
i would love for all of you to join us on this great opportunity to know more about somewhat hidden ballet world,
through this amazing personality, david hallberg.
is the ballet world described in the movie "black swan" real?  what is the difference in between ballet and
the other dance art forms?  who do you think is the most interesting or upcoming choreographer today?
what do you think makes sylvie guillem stand out from the other dancers? what is the everyday life of you
principal dancer like?
so it's a live stream channel - please do not hesitate to send through your questions via twitter.
and if you come across with the scenes where i take a dance lesson from him
(i've never got to touch the floor when i bend forward) your encouraging comments will be greatly appreciated!!!
wednesday July 20th,  20:45 pm -
you are also welcome to join us at our studio! due to the limited capacity the reservation must be made in advance :
thank you in advance for joining us today!
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