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3/21(月)爆クラ!PRESENTS ジェフ・ミルズ×東京フィルハーモニー交響楽団 『クラシック体感系 〜時間、空間、そして、宇宙を踊れ!』




題して『クラシック体感系 〜時間、空間、そして、宇宙を踊れ!』。デトロイトテクノ、いや今やDJ/クラブミュージック界を代表するDJマエストロ、ジェフ・ミルズ。彼が近年、ヨーロッパ各都市の交響楽団に招かれて創り上げているオーケストラとDJのコラボミュージックは、もちろん、ただのセッション等というものではなく、ジェフと編曲者がお互いのアイディア、手法を試行錯誤しながら「創作」していったもの。今やそのスタイルは、クラシックの本場、ヨーロッパで大きな潮流になっており、ジェフのそれは、ロンドンを始めとして5万人規模がソールドアウト。


ジェフ・ミルズのオーケストラ曲の最新盤、彼が創作のモチーフとしている宇宙をテーマにした大曲『Where Light Ends』や『Amazon』『The Bells』、はもとより、テーマに即したクラシック楽曲を、ジョン・ケージあり、レスピーギあり、の実に爆クラ! 的セレクトでお送りしますので、お楽しみあれ。




爆クラ! (Explosive Classic ) presents Jeff Mills × Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra <Body sonic Classics 〜 Encounter of time and space>
21th , March.2016 start:17:00 at Bunkamura Orchard hall.


In Europe where classical music originated, it is common to experiment with classical music, such as collaborations with techno/house DJs and club music.
At first glance, It may seem incompatible but while techno music is structured with time and space using computer generated sounds to make people dance, classical music fills time with sounds of various instruments.  There are some common elements which can naturally result in such collaborations.

Jeff Mills is a pioneer of this type of collaboration between techno and classical music, and is also one of the founders of the electronic music scene since the 90’s.  In recent years, he has performed with classical orchestras in most of European countries including France, Germany, Holland, and the UK and continues to debut new compositions. For Japan, this is the very first time he will perform with an orchestra – the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra with over 100 years of history – at one of the most prestigious concert halls in Japan, Orchard Hall.
Spacey and imaginative expressions between techno and classical instruments will reassure us of the vast possibilities of music.

Classical music has “groove” which physically appeals to our instincts, much like techno music does. At this concert, we will introduce various compositions to experience the universe of orchestral music, and through this we hope you will discover new aspects of classical music. This concert is the first in a series of ‘live concerts’ from the “Explosive Classics” talk & listening sessions which I have been organizing since May 2011.  The event began as a forum for people to enjoy classical music from various cultural perspectives – kitsch, musical grammar, geometrical, sexual, etc – to listen to classical music more freely.

Through this concert, I sincerely hope more people will feel close to classical music.
– Reiko Yuyama  (journalist / TV host / creator-organizer of Explosive Classics)
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